All about cracking products and decoupage

Country Crackle Medium

There are different crackle mediums, most common is one component crackle medium -Country Crackle

Using this medium we obtain the effect  of cracked paint

How to:

1. First paint your item with dark acrylic paint (I used dark brown) , leave it to dry, than cover it with Country Crackle medium. Depending on the thickness of the medium we can get bigger or smaller cracks. Leave it to dry again

2. Now paint it with lighter acrylic color. If you want to add decoupage on it, you must use very light color (I used white).
Depending on the application of the paint you can get different shapes of cracks. I painted using a flat brush and a round sponge brush. Leave it to dry.

Please note! The paint starts to crack almost immediately, so do not paint twice in the same place

3. Now is time for adding decoupage. I used napkin, rice paper, soft paper and classic paper for decoupage,  to show you how different paper types looks on the decorated surface. I used matt decoupage glue

4. As you can see on the pictureafter gluing cracks are visible through the paper napkin and rice paper. Protect your work with  matt or satin varnish, with so many layers of varnish until the paper  blend completely (napkin usually 3-4 layers. rice paper about 6-7 layers. thicker papers - 10 - 20 layers or more,  until the "stuck on" appearance disappears.)

Crackling Lacquer

Two components crackling lacquer is used differently and gives totally different look. It is used over finished item, meaning your item was painted in light color, napkin was applied and everything is t dry.

Then apply first component using dry brush. Leave it to dry and when it has dried you can apply second component.

When everything is dry crackles are not very visible so now you should use metallic powders (porporina) and rub them into cracks.


Available crackling lacquers:
small (universal for most projects)
web (the most difficult to obtain but my favorite - only using this lacquer you can use the hair dryer, if cracks do not appear naturally)
large (perfect for larger projects- cracks are wider and bigger)

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