Gilding and classic paper decoupage


decoupage glue

laser photo print or  classic decoupage paper

gilding glue

gilding varnish
gilding flakes (or leaves)
patina (or matt paint and drying time extender)

Soak print in water
. Why? Paper expands under the influence of water, so soaking prevents  wrinkles during gluing and drying.

dry with paper towels

Apply decoupage glue on bottle

and  apply glue on you print
(on top of the picture as it will be glued on the back side of the bottle)

Transfer print on the bottle  using piece of foil (for example punched pocket) and remove any air bubbles

let dry

apply gilding glue on the back of the bottle and partially on front

Let dry for half of hour and apply silver or gold flakes.

once  dry, remove excess with a brush

varnish with gilding varnish (it prevent tarnish)

Apply bitumen (you can also use dark brown paint mixed with drying time extender)

and wipe any excess

Finished. For better look fill with water :)

Note: All photos are my property and are protected by copyright. Do not copy any part of this tutorial without my permission!

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